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Our purpose here at Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center is to provide new and established credit repair professionals, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, tax professionals, bankruptcy attorneys and all other professionals with the tools and education they need to start and run their own credit repair businesses and be profitable on a small budget. The difference between our company and every other software vendor in the market is that we provide support by chat, email and through our Facebook groups, monthly free workshops and an all-in-one credit repair business software package. What this means is that you get training on the software, running your credit repair business, credit repair website set up, lead generation, advanced techniques, and detailed step-by-step software instructions. This training is a result of Mark’s 10 years in the credit repair industry.

Mark Clayborne


Mark Clayborne

The Key to a successful credit repair business is never to give up. If you run into a roadblock, find away to get around it and keep going.


Working with us is easy. At MC-Credit Solutions LLC, you’ll find a highly responsive single point-of-contact. We use straightforward, easy-to-understand terms, and are happy to explain any aspect of the credit repair business, be it software, business training, credit repair training or lead generation. We genuinely care about our customers;we provide not only software and training but also understanding of how difficult it can be to run a business on a limited budget.

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Is it frustrating when you run into a problem with the software, and you have to submit a support ticket and wait days for a response? Yes, because when this happens, it delays your credit repair process and possibly causes you to lose money since you can’t input new clients. Well, here at Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center, we will provide you with live chat software support for no additional charge. The waiting time for an updated support ticket is over. If you have a software issue, call between business hours, and we will assist you with your needs.



Most online software vendors provide credit repair and business learning training at thecost of $500 and up. This fee is separate from the monthly software subscription that you pay for every month. So, if you want to learn more about running your credit repair business, and advanced credit repair, you have to pay additional fees in addition to your monthly fee. In our Startup Credit Repair Business package, we provide you with credit repair and running your credit repair business training, lead generation,and you get access to our pre-recorded coaching sessions all in one place for free.

Credit Repair Company

Because we are a working credit repair company, we know how to build software that will meet your needs. The client dispute manager is the same software that we use in our daily business. This is importantbecause we constantly upgrade and improve our software for better user experience. All of the business and credit repair training in the software are based on our 10 years of experience in the credit repair industry. We handle clients on a daily basis,so the education you receive is current and updated. Lastly, if you run into an issue with your business, be restassured that we can assist you in solving your problem.


Dispute Campaigns

Most online software vendors provide random dispute letters for you to choose from. This method presents two problems. One, if you are new to dispute, you will have no idea of which letter to send first. Second, after sending out your first rounds of disputes, and the results come back updated with no change, you will be clueless as to what letter to send out next. You would have to spend hours poring over the letters trying to figure out which one is best to send. This strategy is a pure waste of your time. The Client Dispute Manager solves this problem with its dispute campaigns.


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